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* Boddaert, E., and Vercauteren, H. Note sur un cas d'actinomycose abdomi-
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did not have any bacteriological training and for them it will prove to
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tion and which have cost the lives of many women in childbirth.
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stand over night in order to aid in the breaking up of the spirochete and thus
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and thus a livid tinge is imparted to the pallid lips. As the blood of
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brought it up to twenty-eight millimetres. The instrument
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serum. He (14) immunizes rabbits either by intravenous inoculation of 3 cubic
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vere pain, which, starting from the epigastrium, extend toward the back,
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Miinchen. med. Wchnsch., (1898), 45, 48-50; 82-85. — See also Unna and
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pearance from large cancerous tumors. From the great rarity of car-
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Its exhibition is indicated in pneumonia with a pulse of from one hun-
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In stenosis, on the other hand, the symptoms of the circulatory
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resistant. Gaz. mid. de Nantes, (1906), II, 24, 174.
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Malay proteins and in addition certain groups peculiar to itself ; that the
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and distinguished from cirrhosis by aid of the history of the case. If
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useful because of its milkiness. All authorities agree upon the necessity of
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disease. (This heaving cardiac impulse, however, must extend over a
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into black, soft, ragged masses, while the proliferation continues at
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together; now, as two or more blood corpuscles, if brought into contact,
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have met with that illustrates the action of arayl in laryngeal spasm is
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2. Acute bronchial catarrh, of itself, never changes the sound of
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tric secretion is rendered alkaline from the admixture of mucus, and its
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* Visconti, A. Primo caso dittinomicosi polmonale nelPuomo osservato in Milano.
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tion of the organs of most importance in the body are diminished. Thus
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for clinical purposes only a combination of some of the clinical phenomena and
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remove the original disease, it almost always disappears in a short
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water until the atmosphere is entirely impregnated with its fumes ; or
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which is done with difficulty, we often find the tonsils so swollen as to
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veins, so that the jugulars distend and the face grows red, or even bluish.
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woman in Manila. The cultural characteristics have already been described and
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taken place. Fatty metamorphosis of the papillary muscles is also to
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blood which is retained in the air-vesicles and bronchi after a haemop-
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owing to the latent amoebic ulcers not having been completely cured.
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lung, etc., give rise, and which most generally produce pulmonary and
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him of drink. I have seen other cases, where this treatment failed, as,
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belong, in great part, to the left ventricle, is made to project into the
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light brown, like thin beer, sometimes dark, like porter; after stand-
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that city next year, and there is every probability that the
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At the clinic, exhibition of the pills is suspended whenever a distinct
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are made with ease, at a predetermined point, depth, and