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dulness mention has been made of that due to fat and described by von Hampeln.
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form, structure, location, size and color of each and every part. The child
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peritoneum anteriorly, to a substance that occupied
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indorsed the older theory, that urethral fever was due to re-
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Before beginning the operation both ureters were cathe-
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Doppman, J.L. , Marx, S. J., Spiegel, A.M., Mallette, L.E.,
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Such a task for a county medical society is both practical and easy.
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example of the identity of the morbid phenomena produced by the
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on the theory of a persistent vascular spasm commencing in the capillaries and
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upon this. He surrounded the half-suffocated patient with red curtains,
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been associated with " duodenal " or " pyloric " symptoms.
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In one third of the reported cases in which the cord was examined, no
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son, Toronto ; Infection and Sero-Therapy, Dr. A. DeMartigny,
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responding places of the other half of the tongue, it was
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MoBius [Berliner Klin. Wochenschrift, 1880, No. 35) attempts to give a