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John Manners takes it for granted that it is acceptable to the
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After some remarks from Drs. Linas, of Paris, Sego y Valdor,
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one of them in a man of 40, the other in a woman of 55,
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It may be a question whether a man can have intercourse with a woman with-
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forms of this disease, and the diversity of opinion of the principal
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Nelaton and Velpeau describe a structure which they call the sphincter
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about one-third as liable as males to cardiac aneurism.
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peristalsis in the gall bladder which forces the stones into
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*^* Dr. Rooke seems to mistake our meaning when he talks
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See IVoi-mU Medicinallovgivning [etc.] [in 1. s.]. 8^.
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the trunk. In the mucous system, the parts most liable
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