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The appearance of a revision of Army Regulations and of the
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8 C. H. Mayo : Annals of Surgery, lxxiii. 335, 1921.
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substituted. That is what always happens in the House of
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rabbit's lungs after 8 days incubation. The turbidity of the semisolid and the
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cular dilatations at intervals. If of the larger vessels, their tor-
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Table 2. Penetrating Renal Trauma Due to Gunshot or
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direction as little stretclied as possible. In the ear,
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albumen and casts, but for urea. The diet of each patient
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of the cases, however, make a substantive recovery and live on ^^•ithout
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tive because of their clinical merit and iniusual occurrence. One was a case of
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Jacksonian epilepsy before the Society, after operations, and
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quent reaction (the process of repair), are i lignant fevers has been described by Hux-
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of a long wooden strip is placed at the elbow, the two ends are bent
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size of her breasts, which are unusually large. She com-
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me invite your attention for a moment to the source of information of
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These figures are smaller than those given by Langley, but as he
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The coniniission recommend that all public buildings, churches, school-
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Their importance is therefore largely theoretical, but nevertheless
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presence of a sinus or its size, or the position of the intervening septum, the
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er slips, although slides may also be used for this purpose. The ad-
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“To kick off the 21 st Century in the right way, the
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scarlet fever, and diphtheria, and pass by unharmed,
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In any case I think contacts could safely attend school for 8 or 9
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There had been occasional but not severe pains for four or five hours
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tection fails to reach the eyes; lesions of the cornea and iris appear
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▼ation, that England is the healthiest coun- (Buxton, Mailock, etc.) at 20, Scarborough
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dian-hoea or dysentery, a poor appetite, and feeble digestion combine
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should not be treated with quinin. But these attacks cannot be definitely
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practice. Offices for rent on ground floor. Main Street,