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In such cases peritoneal exudation has not as yet occurred to any great

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in the treatment of patients in Bellevue Hospital under the direction of

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Pachymeningitis interna was first described by Charcot in 1871, and

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chyma. It may be primary or secondary, though the former variety is

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right side, probably for the reasons that the ante-natal circulation is

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irrelative disease. It may be diffuse or take the form of a circumscribed

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derness under pressure, and the vomiting at intervals of a greenish

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expiration of two years. The average duration of the disease is about

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Medicine. By Dr. E.- P. Friedrich, of the University of Leipsig. Edited by

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Homoeopathic Treatment Superior in Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

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added different ingredients such as methylene blue, alkalies, acids,

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development imperceptible, and for many months the earlier symptoms

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form) in about two weeks after entering the muscular tissues. Their

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death. It scarcely deserves to be classified as a separate disease, being

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nomonic features of leukemia are determined. The blood is paler than

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the postnasal mirror as a shining greyish mass. Removal is ac-

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halation of some irritant that produces and maintains a low grade of

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aggravate these indications, rather than relieve them, and in this event

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to tuberculous infection. In cases of profuse hemorrhage, due to aneur-

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regimen, with a view to energizing the nutritive processes, is to be en-

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Cuba ; Austria, Germany and Holland have had epidemics, though

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of an embolism, followed by the disappearance of the urgent symptoms,

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adults. Evidences of tul3erculous disease elsewhere, past or present,

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heart, they do not always occur synchronously Avith the heart-sounds,

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vein and hepatic artery, though syphilitic endarteritis is situated chiefly

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control of governmental, State, and city institutions, with which

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trophy very early becomes rounded and indefinite, and later is diffuse

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groups, the cortical and the subcortical and they may be of two varie-

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Pathology. — There is atrophy of the anterior cornua of the cord,

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hepatic enlargement. Epistaxis may become obstinate. Retinal hemor-

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percussion over the opposite side of the cyst, constituting the so-called

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the secondary nodules that are characteristic of the disease. Micro-

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carpin) sometimes assists in the absorption of the exudate, but it should

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plastic exudation may be so extensive as to cause compression of the

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Diagnosis. — The recognition of glandular fever embraces the exclu-

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though with the absence of any force Avhatsoever. lest perforation take

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with portraits of Ehrlich and Schaudinn. Translated by Dr. M. D.

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furnishes important information. There is, in addition, profound col-

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connection Ewald's statement " that abnormally situated organs or