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genitors. To the latter type tubercle belongs. First among

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v.— M. M., male, aged 2?. Eight hemiplegia from age

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g Holmes' Surgery, Vol. 4, p. 367, London, Art. Dis.

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a pityriasis rubra pilaris may very well develop in a subject affected

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frequently by high arterial tension, and is followed, in course

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smooth ; the edge, at first rounded and prominent, as

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sels greedily take up liquid from the organs, and that, during choleia,

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The following were appointed by the President to constitute the Boatd of

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Subsequently to these cases three deaths from cholera

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received, and I see from the note, " our friend Dr. Long can lay no

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or indirect violence, as has been well known since the publication of

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the one case, the pig in the other — and by the habits

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conditions contrast strongly with the opposite conditions, which

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Rev. do laringol. (etc.], Barcel., 1895-6, xi, 1-8.— Vcr-

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Urates still continuing to be deposited in urine. Chlorides still absent. Bowels

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Paihological DiagnosU, Anaemia. Hyperplasia of the spleen. Lymphoid

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these conditions the erythema will sometimes disappear.

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therapy. Common complications of hyperparathyroidism have not been seen.

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the peritoneal cavity had not been opened. A few days

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accommodating fifty patients, besides the nurses and

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inversely: the blood, under diseased conditions, was held to

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his speech became incoherent, and his memory very faulty. He died of cancer

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Nativity. — United States — Maine 6 ; N. Hampshire 2; Vermont 5 ; Massachu-

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of the number of practitioners who assume to treat dis-

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perspiration, obstinate standing till unable, blood from nose. Fulminant

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