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Hence a disease of the knee-joint closely resembling inflammation,
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on the hill at a greater depth than in the valley ; that
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i, e., the true, virulent diphtheria bacilli, [b.k.]
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It may help to formulate a simpler scheme for these illy understood
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in the introduction to an analysis of Arge7ituin Nitricum by the
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percentage would be wonderfully decreased if it was
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from other diseases without difficulty. The only disease with whicli il
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Par., 1899, 4. s., xii, 530-533.— Outtniann (P.) Gesund-
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index finger in the rectum and the thumb in the vagina.
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years of age. 1 first saw her January ist of present year
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had fled thither from the adjacent country of Attica
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experiments on himself, the other by long-continued experiments
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plex process in which high temperature was uot th^ most
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Remedy. — When recent, the color bright, and the tu-
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Mr. Beardsley arrived and was informed of this, he gave a full dose of the antim.
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ward bj- Mr. H. Walton, he thought the operation should not have been per-
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tuberculosis always falls far short of the normal amount,
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Dr. Simon Flexner relinquished the custodianship of the Rush
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over. It has, however, also a pathological interest, as it predisposes in the
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Irwin, P^airfax, Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for
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solution of 1 in 1,000 silver nitrate. It stimulates the secretion
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108 West TiiiRTV-FoiRTH Street, New Vork, November 23, 18S4.
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corresponds closely to that of the blood in the arterial system.
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Missouri State Medical Association elected for the ensuing year : President,
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solution. Again it is a slow stain, requiring fully 30
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