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reaction was universally negative, although taken over and over
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of the Royal Engineers at Chatham to provide suitable accom-
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cmm. The sputum is increased at first and may be more purulent.
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be, it seems that a fibroid induration of the lung does predispose to other
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sion of gonococci. Hansteen demonstrated gonococci in a sj.reading
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confined to the immediate pupils of Laennec, we find Mr.
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renders the danger still greater, and the condition of the patient more in-
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from any other that I have seen recorded, in the total absence of
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soldier killed in battle. For ranula of the tongue, spit on
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support whatever for the statement that there exists open com-
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face. It must be recognized that, in spite of being overworked, many
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3. In Incipient Cataract. Turpeth mineral 2 dr., asarabacca
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thighs, the vesicles shrivelled and dried into thin scabs during the first
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9. Copeland JG, Emery RW, Levinson MM, Icenogle TB, Carrier M, Ott
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by opiates and astringents and the practice of disin-
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which proved fatal, in which with a temperature of 106 the absolute
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As great as has been this offering by the profession, it must be greater.
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(P.E. W.) A case of excision of the elbow. Brit. Guiana
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Pathology. — The pathological changes are for the most part easily
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the arms, or by tracing the nipple shadow with a metallic probe
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logical nor clinical significance ; the good results obtained from the
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two months ago. .She first noticed some soreness of
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patients have been studied who have had chronic vasculidities which have
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phase of a discussion which is likely to continue while dif-