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no foundation for the vulgar notion that patients assume the character of
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have not had an opportunity of attempting it. I have, however,
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of serum in considerably larger quantity than is usually found beneath the
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at about the same level as figure 12, but from another experi-
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Corti the summit of the scaffolding is represented by a spiral
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varies considerably in size, but in any one cell they are in general
properly protected against vicissitudes, and as much out-of-door life as the
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into a kind of fibrous tissue. The muscles of the arm appeared
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come enlarged by the great extension of the vessels. If the great
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first with the development of the strength of stimulus and then passed over to a
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internal organs, imputed to gout, or to use a term which has been applied
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and radius, that are present, seem not to be united together by
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nograpb upon the subject in the English language, and
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into which the preparations of cinchona and iron shonld enter, with nntri-
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situated within the skull directly above a large foramen in the
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for five hours, and on awaking, was quite free from inward pains ;
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desired bj' the practitioner who wants a thorou<;hly
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which will greatly assist the student in obtaining a clear idea of Anatomy, and will also serve to
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similar to the European sporadic fever, is to be met with in all
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fingers are separated from their roots, and the thumb at its
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' 5. The application of a mild mercurial ointment, spread on cloth, has
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A fact important to be borne in mind is the liability to sudden, fatal
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and extends more or less toward the centre ; in other cases, the central
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ciation with the fibers divided, but also other cells forming a
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termittent fever, the latter is to be treated as when it occurs under other
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Amkricax Clinical Lrcturks, specially contributed to the News by .aentlemen of
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under my observation. It is doubtless more likely to be marked in the
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shape ; but the tongue, fauces, and larynx were naturally
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Here we encounter a difficulty arising from the fact that the
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mesencephalic nucleus or root in the little girl must have been
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The steps by which he arrives at his conclusions, and the diffi-
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winter and the following summer. It prevailed, also, to some extent, in
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rynx, and the inflammation thereby produced, be borne in mind,
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apoplex}^ from embolism. Age is another diagnostic point; embolism
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length. The majority appeared to be about 5 m by 25 m to 30
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tra-cranial vessels, more especially tliose of the meninges. Differences,
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formed on the general cutaneous root of the trigemmus. Com-
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The sudden occurrence, without premonitions, of comi)lete paralysis, in-
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erated fibers are in the so-called purely motor branches of the N.
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la mayor cantidad, en tanto por ciento, de s61idos totales, lipinas
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placenta praevia. A brain of this age also gives too small amounts if
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completely ossified. Before removing a brain, all of the various
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Lawrence Selling had charge of the case and gave a very com-
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exhibit striking movements in light and in darkness ('15 a, '16),