National Ranking System

Adult and YAC National Squad selection.




Number of events

Eight Ranking events will be held for a season . There are no mandatory events the best 6 events will be counted. A minimum of six events must be played for squad inclusion. Events not played will count zero.

Ranking Point Allocation

Ranking points will be allocated, plus additional points allocated on total tournament pinfall. Placing points will be available for the first 40 male bowlers and for the first 20 female bowlers. Pinfall points will be awarded to all bowlers, regardless of place.

Example… Finish 5th with 1850 over 9 games Points = 36 + (1850/100) = 54.50 (Male)

Example… Finish 21st with 1687 over 9 games Points = 0 + (1687/100) = 16.87 (female)

In events where there are multiple rounds, cut to subsequent rounds, rankings will be calculated on the first round only.

YAC Squad selection

There will be no separate YAC ranking events. These events cannot be supported by the numbers taking part and are not cost effective. YAC bowlers will earn adult ranking points and the National YAC squad will be selected from eligible bowlers from within the Adult rankings.


Any questions on the above, or requests for further details should be addressed through your Area Association Secretary or Council Member.