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and lymphatic glands. Gowers, who was one of the first to observe the

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(Marchand, Chvostek, and others), more frequently with tuberculosis of

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greater diflSculties involved. The most satisfactory tests are those of

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diet. No hard and fast rule can be given applying to every case. The food

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the most violent tetany had developed,' "all the symptoms can be instantly

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spread among people living near but not in the same area.

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a dilTerciit inllnence on the osmotic pressure of colloids from that wliicli

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IS secondary iiroteose, produced liy complete satuiation w itii the above

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terization cannot be employed, sometimes even by a double exploratory

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Ono jiart of the residtnd air is sometimes called the miuimnl nir: it ;

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therefore l)ecomes recxcretcd. It is well known that a fistula of the g,i

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very violent, as if produced by an electric shocK, and may be associated with

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organic disease, such as that due to alcoholism, lead poisoning, diabetes, or

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He retained his intelligence until near the end, which came March 14, 1899,

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ture, vvhich are interesting, not only from the sin-

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root of the nail is at the summit of the convexity. In these cases the root of

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these in over 50 per cent, of the cases. Pyorrhoea alveolaris is so almost

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seem probable that other etiological factors play an important role in the

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* Universitu of Pennsylvania Medical BulUHn, March, 1903, p. 143.

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were ansesthetic, no pulse could be felt in the dorsal artery. The urine con-

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Etiology. — Marie considered that this condition was always secondary

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ici't thoii^di it may In-, on the excitaiiilitv of the res])iratory center.

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begins before the subjective symptoms, but is not considered a sign of

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men of any termination to hostilities, which certainly influenced

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bodv with the exception of the eye muscles, but more frequently the muscles

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