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A few cases of typhus and relapsing fever occurred in the Macedonian
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abdominal incision should be made sufficiently long to enable
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increasing severity within the spheres of respiration
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mental observations, a considerable amount of data has been
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middle joint and first phalanx ; and some idea may be formed
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Ga. App. 855 (1932); see also Hilburn v. Hightower,
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cores, inflammation of the matrix of the horn (which represents
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phthisical subject was the development of tubercles. Tlie pa-
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The Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal and Press. Edited by Henry
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from the accumulation of urea in the blood, or, as is alleged by Frerichs, are
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LOIS A. SCHANTZ, D.O., Demonstrator of Pathology, 1705 S. 58th Street
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by Grassi, Jansco, and others, and the result of their experiments
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lation; but even here it was submitted to as an evil
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hyponatremia. Concurrent use with chlorpropamide may increase
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does not depend upon the deviation or ecchondrosis of the
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