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when, in order to avoid losing the yellow component, the pre-

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N. Y., 1899, xxviii, 261-281.— Ferri (L.) Scbema rappn-'-

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longer to be found ; in this case the parasite consists of a somewhat

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has not been considered justifiable to attempt to remove the pituitary

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occasions put into practice with satisfactory results,

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procedures are paramount in winning the confidence of

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it (to the patient ) to drink fasting mixed with honey;

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into himself owing to his almost total deafness and the state of affairs in Spain. The etching is

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A lesion may pervert or destroy any of the special sense qualities —

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were now contemplating the forming of a union. The amount

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I. and ir. By L. Duncan Bulkier, A. M., M. D., etc., etc. Reprinted from

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the duodenum on the same occasion, and the writer is indebted

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liver is reached readily by the portal vein, and the spleen directly, as

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ium made no special effort to inform the surgeon even though

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and by transfusion. The chronic form of cerebral anaemia is to be

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drachm three times a day, dissolved in sufficient water, and taken

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undergoes remarkable changes : fat is consumed more or less

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AVe v.^iQi Mr Burns had been inore particular on this fubjeft,

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of the muscles from their origins to their insertions, than in the opposite

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any one else found a curious worm, he would hop round them,

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Soon after the onset of the acute symptoms physical exploration of the

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his bladder symptoms. He was confined after operation to bed for 24 hours and

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