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1. This wort is named <pi\£v6pooiro$ f and is in our apanne •
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dy. ISTo matter what organ suffers, the stomach must bear the
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angiectasis nearly always remain. In the necrotic type
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infertility. Some of them were in a state of intense acute
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disease, and death resulting, excepting in croupal cases, from the toxaimic effects
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not be far away from the truth in the statement that most
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chanical impediment exists to the transmission of blood. Thus, cases of
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health of civilized man. We see no end to its application. There is
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kidneys showed congestion and hydropic degeneration of the parenchyma, but
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Hysterectomy. — J. Riddle Gotfe writes that the success
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water and covering it closely by one or two dry ones, or, better
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into the sinuses (unless they are occluded). If the venous pressure becomes
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and that they fnould be in the hands of every ftudent and prac-
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it was probably the first undoubted case reported on
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there is not enoTigh left for the metabolism of the albuminoid substances,
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menstruate disorderly, and are liable to headaches and
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first stage may be seen where the other muscular canals are con-
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Jacksonian epilepsy before the Society, after operations, and
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ner man — continued to distinguish him. It was indeed remarkable, and could
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this uniform. In some of the worst cases, wherein the jaundice
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I am somewhat amused at the order of the Surgeon-General printed
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l>ccarac gradually less severe; and the membrane, only occasionally
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" sway-backed" horse. The lumbar curve is greatly exaggerated ;
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tage. For such cases, where the general history and symp-
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and alternates and AMA delegates and alternates — to
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delicate physical constitution. Her mother's parents
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referred to; of his practical knowledge and precepts it is sufficient to say that