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Age: Allen® considers the age of the patient to be
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tended to hogs at the various abattoirs where inspection had been
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that year, the breeders by this time having recognized the importance
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secured from 13 different States and from 45 different producers.
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uary 13, 1947, with a clinical diagnosis of Paget’s dis-
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Bureau of Animal Industry nor until permission shall have been obtained in advance of
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in the face of rising hospital costs, it would be unwise at the
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have undergone changes which render it unclean, unsound, unhealthful, unwholesome, or
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Fig. 2. Recovery Room. General Office Dispensary, Mon-
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dipped in Beaumont crude petroleum, or otherwise properly treated, under the supervision
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lost, stupor or coma may supervene, the pulse become slow and weak,
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entirely reiiin\(,| Trnm ihe inlliieni I' the nervniis system. Iiehaxe like
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serving as individuals to constitute an acting body or-
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ened digestive period. Hence, premature infants unable to
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required to make an examination of all animals slaughtered and make
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t'urlioth systems; namely, the posterior root ^'anjilia i Kij.'- -"JS > . The iiiter-
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genita mit cesophago-trachealfistel." Deut. Ztschr. fiir Chir.,
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atropine. This first effect of the drug on the pace-
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JOHN HUGHES BENNETT (1812-1875) proved it in histology
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no little interest and surprise that one reads the comparatively recent
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all rendering establishments. Evidently considerable care is exercised by the manage-
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at the University of Missouri. They should have this
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,,,.1 V..., M.-riMu' in (i.-.-n.ny. .Mid .1.. Don.ii.i.-is in Italy, l.y tlmnmirl.
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V. An Analytical Study of Terminal Pneumonia. By J. A. Chatard, M. D.
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differential surface tension phenomena which are under the control
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Quotations from artiolea which have appeared in Volume CLXVIII of the Lancet, under
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a defect in the diaphragm and into the abdominal cavity. Such
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extended with profit. Secretary Eusk in his last annual report
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