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cine. Measles, scarlatina, smallpox, erysipelas and typhous fever, belong

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sick was brought to the attention of the Bureau of Medicine and

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result of the operation, no matter what his physical condition is,

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tutional disturbances sympathetically excited. I regard it, for my own

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frequent desire to urinate, the ))ainful sensation of in-

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also on dietetic treatment, without any marked or permanent benefit. After

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expansile character of the pulsation, and by its total disappearance

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Ornstein, of Atheus. The man, George Stravarides, died in Smyrna, at the

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order to succeed, however, it was necessary to introduce

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the region of the stomach, pain soon after the ingestion of food, followed

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Commadary. — This cnne of chronic phthisis, which we watehed for

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athan .Edwards endeavored for two years to eat only as much as would meet the

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Fig. G. — Monlcej- 2: Liver stained In- tlie Levaditi luetliod of silver impreg-

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occur when they were washing out vessels soiled with

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Papanicolaou smear since estrogens have been known to produce tumors,

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hip. Again she submitted to injection, and fifty minims of the bime-

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the cesspool should be converted into a great and whole-

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results of the cultures ; one form is for cases in which diphtheria bacilli

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lief was by holding her hand straight up in the air. She

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cavity formation in the prickle layer. According to this authority the

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3 from epilepsy ; in 1 from erysipelas of the head ; in 1 from apoplexy ; in 1 from

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that he had a severe, extensively suppurating follicular eruption, and a claim

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first, a failure in approximation of the rectal tube

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pared or packed according to the specifications or directions of the foreign pur-

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keted as Protopam. It is one of the few agents that truly

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thickening or retraction of the valves and no calcareous

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