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7th of August, at which time the eruption was well established..

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towns had caught the contagion on visits to the seaside or

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The mean silent pulse of 6 observations, position horizontal, on back,

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Period of secondary symptoms (skin eruptions). (4) Intermediary period

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the chest, by the injection of air, simple or carbolized, filtered or unfil-

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Symptoms and progress. — So much attention has been devoted to the

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of his peers — men who are amply qualified to judge as to

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investigated the influence of fat and other substances on milk produc-

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ties, condylomatous warts, and what has been called Verruca achro-

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maniacal attacks. The patient recovered, and became wardrobe maid at

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by the Faculty to sever his connection with such team."

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edge of the physiology of the parathyroids had its be-

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xxviii, 456.— tSardncr (H. B.) Erythematous rash after

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cases trichomonads were also found in carious teeth and in many

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new-born child had a fracture through the arch of the skull, from one side to

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pulse very rapid and feeble, temperature 98"^ F., respira-

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lachrymation, photophobia, pain, and swelling of the

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danger lies especially in suppuration, tonic remedies and a nutritious diet