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of the upper set of parietal convolutions. These are the motor

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The author, at the end of his paper, gives the fol-

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and tonics are to be administered ; and if the case threatens to

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day for a week, by which time induration had set in

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sections of the goitrous districts in Europe where military garrisons have been

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Also [Abstr.] : Brit. M. J., bond., 1891. ii,.1257. Also [Ab-

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eye was sympathetically affected, constant trickling of tears,

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sodium polystyrene sulfonate, whether administered orally or recta tty. reduce serum

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only to approval of the Council, except that scien-

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wrist, in the case of a man suffering from tetanus, after an injury of the

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thalmological Congress in Heidelberg, September 15th.

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Feis {Archiv fiir Oynakologie, 1894, B. xlvi., H. 1) reports the results of

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and which seems to be a disease sui generis. In five years, he has met with

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immediate laparotomy is called for. In the space devoted to this

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attempting to estimate the value of the two methods attention should not l)e

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to twenty-four hours; but more commonly they undergo aggravation,

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intense thirst and respiration accelerated. On Monday there

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Morgan, E. J. Mullaly, W. E. Newcombe, J. K. Niven, M. T.

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came too irritating, he changed its situation. The internal treat-

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care marketplace. Understandably, since they are making

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lied by the circumstances to which I have just alluded. In the boy,

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in which the patient usually complains of dizziness, headache, backache,

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Rest should be enforced. This is imperative. The pain must

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say the cramps are so painful as to wake them up. They may return several