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pneumonias into: croupous, bronchial, aspiration, septic, embolic,

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confusion, being designated variously as "embryonic adenomyosarcoma,"

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cases — a good selection of them — and the absence of hypothetical spe-

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The head is provided with a solid, elongated stylet-

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204-207. — Clado. Salningotomie et salpingorrhaphie. Se-

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a pain comes on and terminates the first stage. That the discharge

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On examination, he was foiind to be the subject of an ovoid tumour

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arch of the colon, and passes directly across the abdomen to the

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ence, the questions for consideration. The several prop-

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in soda solution, in a covered vessel. The addition of

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lip, the lividity of the extremities, the goose-flish of the exten-

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from all the circumstances laid before them ; but it is assuredly not for a

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and, above all, they will see how admirably the re-

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infection to the cord. He would account for the hitherto unexplained pain

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the blood is estimated by means of a very light ball disengaged in a

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The Fatty Acids. Mode of Formation and Clinical Significance.

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under the heading of Diseases of the Peritoneum. " Diseases of the Bowels "

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(comprising every branch of medical literature), derived

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cent., being reached within thirty minutes after taking 100 gm. of glucose, and

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tion, and under certain conditions may sever its connection with the nucleated

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Thiazides may decrease urinary calcium excretion. Thiazides may cause

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• Tlie causes of this affection are numerous. It very

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number of lobules involved in the inflammatory process. He continues:

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the attack passed off, which was in several minutes, he

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Dr. M. C. White moved that a tax of two dollars be laid upon

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hemorrhagic cases with a blood-pressure perilously near the

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first seen, much of the body was the seat of the disease, it being

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lithiasis. Not only stones, but also purulent cholecyst-

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I have put on record in these clinics^ a case in which a carci-

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look right with each other. Sometimes these projects do in

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by its chemical constitution, as it possesses certain-

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entire deep cervical chain. By actually picking up the