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a change of air, travel, exercise, amusement, and sea-bathing will do much

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Summary. In summarizing we might say the future of tlie

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The Speculum and its modifications—-its importance in th& treatment of

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tuberculosis of the bladder can infect the ureter and subsequently the renal

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dry and painful, it generally ulcerates; and sometimes it may happen from this

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R. L. MacCornack, Sr., Phoenix, Ariz., to 1714 Lin-

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Obstetrique et Gynecologique de Paris. Budin denied that pleurisy always

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that in as many as a sixth of all cases there is a contraction of the corre-

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character in which severe migratory pains were encountered were

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points of interest, since the work is likely soon to be in

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(a) Chronic villous arthritis (the villous arthritis of Gold-

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transfusion on the patient's cerebral functions, especially when