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Hereaity. — In a few of the cases coming under my

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in which the eggs were found in the stools. In one of the cases, which

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" Voted, That in consideration of the doubt which exists as

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and Resident .Medical Officer to the Children's Hospital at Bristol, and the Lock Hospital, London. A complete representation of the

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Db. TuEN'cn's Annual Reports on the Health of Liverpool are

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water, yet when it was presented to him he drank with avidity;

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expansile character of the pulsation, and by its total disappearance

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clining the knee a little to the opposite side," &c. I have tried this

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from paroxysms if he do not attempt to swallow liquids. A current of

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tion of this duct and of its sequelae should be borne in mind, and should

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1892 (Brit. Jov/rn. Derm. 1892, p. 318). — 7. Blanc. Joum. Gutan. and Ven. Dis.

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of the pupillary margin was a small, yellowish-white

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which prev.ailed last autumn in Paris and its environs. Hi.»

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tablets (Armour's) were given in ^^gr. doses three times a day for

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tate, due to peptone, by the acetic solution of the iodide

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1894, Par., 1895, i, 377-384.— Posazhniy (V.) 0 nakozh-

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Such are the most recently expressed views on the subject. It

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of life does not extend beyond two or three years. Some cases will be

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of milk. Is this secretory action less spinal than the former one?

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Sequard, Dr. Hyde Salter, Mr. Savory, and Dr. Sieve-

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' The illustrations were drawn from consecutive dissections

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schiitz collects from the literature 2-1 cases of this condition.

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hypertrophied gland tissue. He replied that he had felt a

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physician, as is occurring more and more often as patients

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come organized to that extent in which muscular atrophy and con-

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way not at all disagreeable to inhale, and so small is the

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also have had an experience of three years in the Prac-

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lent character. The dura mater often presents a slight reddening,

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three cases examined ; in fourteen of these the defect was transitory,

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love of her husband, the unbearable suffer- cident to the abrupt withdrawal of the drug