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typhoid fever, 7 from malarial fever, and 5 from typho-malarial fever.
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cavity, I determined to put to the test the feasibility of
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donor-paid plasma centers operate in regards to notifica-
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and yet the conclusions arrived at are uncertain. Still
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more clearly made out, there is hardly a doubt that the prisoner would have
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1 7 Avere admitted and delivered from that district, all of whom recovered.
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July 11th : Many megalocytes showing polychromatophilia ;
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District of Columbia has recently been examined by the writer for
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It was originally my idea to prepare a book which would enable
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impervious to light rays and pervious only to ultra-violet rays,
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Faulk, J. G., Monroe; Med. Coll. of Va., 1931; Wake Forest, 1929 1931
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epithelium as the alveoli. Maziarski has given us our first positive knowledge
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for being allowed to study the proofs of the new edition of his work and
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Complications. — Among the intestinal complications are dilatation
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ceeded by a smart attack of diarrhoea. In May, she hadfrequent
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incision, one to two inches in length, in the middle of the intercostal
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Of the 432 patients, 353 were men, 46 women, and 33 children. There were
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of serum and accumulation of dry friable material of opaque white
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an inhaled 8-agonist, may further improve our therapeutic
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the short time the body remained in the water). The vascular
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ty of medicine. In the work before us, its influence upon
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latitude it affords the surgeon in operating upon mahg-
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dilutional coagulopathy is more likely with an increased
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nephritis may develop in the course of a blackwater attack and the case subsequently
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KollorU (C. W.) Wounds of tlie eye, with reports of
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(1) Total nitrogen was estimated in 20 cc. of the original solution.
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tion but a few times, but the results had been so good that he
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numerous encapsulated muscle trichinee, averaging about 30 to each grain of the meat.
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Evidently atrophy, with cessation of functional action of the
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rhoea is present in the female, or there may be menorrhagia. Not all
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four by six inches across the top, and three inches from
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not to be necessary to observe that intercourse during pregnancy
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Einrequez, Ambard and Binet a. o) the quantity of fecal diastase