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\Read before the meeting of the Boston Homoeopathic Society, Jan. 12.]

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others; the tests are performed by means of the so-called isola-

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* Deaths from Cholera and 'Diarrhoea in the several Districts of London, from

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M. Rev., 1894, xxxvi, 226-228. — Truman (C. E.) Two

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The Contagiousness of Inherited Syphilis. — Dr. Louis Koli-

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It is useless to make a law, as has been stated here, for this

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fever. As to the fever, it is admitted that during the process of seg-

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prima laieraiis. Haemorrhage was severe, and as the cervix wf»»

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thing, and we do not take time to cultivate the aesthetic

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matzoon, given in small quantities, are very suitable.

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on this principle from tlie time of its foundation. It had

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make use of the so-called functional tests, which, though not certain, are

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toes seem to have escaped, a fact difficult to explain. The mental