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two cases of recovery being on record. Even when the patient has
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probablj' its spread towards the ca;cum was favoured by the presence
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unpolarisable electrodes of Ag in NaCl, and Cu in CuCla which have been
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urine. This toxicity was usuallj^ increased by a succession of febrile
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present in the cells of the inflammatory exudate. Moreover the
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amenities, should be maintained. And, in spite of all, insanity in
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as in the cystitis and pyelitis that may follow gonorrhoea, the inflammatory
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one may notice a zone of parenchymal congestion, and when these
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quoted by Andromachus the Elder and later by Galen [Compound
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and reparative powers of the individual were sufficient
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ban ; and when we reached the place, which was only
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the matrix should be frequent. The neighbourhood of the nail is very
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antitoxic sera, (b) the bactericidal sera, and (c) those which are neither
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entire saphenous is dilated, trial of the high ligation
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A Diagnosis. — "Congestion of the right kidney " is
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practice, in cases where the wounded were free livers, to put such
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others, with the equally extraordinary high temperatures, which are observed in tissuo
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simplify matters it may be assumed that ten years is the maximum life and
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failure, the patient should be digitalized and/or treated with diuretics, and the response
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The impurities give the disagreeable and often disgusting smell, and the odors
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cle of affected tissue of every kind, wherever situated.
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end. 'When this instrument is placed at the bedside, about on
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cleanliness to its people by baths which shall be as free
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mainly one of old age. Tlie hypertrophy of the heart, they urge, is only to be
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In the meanwhile, we must give temporary support to the failing
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bark, and in the Quinine which is derived from it, that writers have some-
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symptoms, was recommended in cases of a similar character. Then
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cedent cause to which the vaso-motor affection itself is due. And he
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points ; that " no relation is observed between the source