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ference, the obnoxious Senate Bill No. 34 entitled, "For the
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existing in healthy brains ; it is the purest and highest expression of
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enlargement of the thyroid gland which often accom-
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stomach consecutive to cauterization with hydrochloric acid. About 2,325
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during the spring months, they will be privileged to learn by experience the
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lution. They resemble animal mucus in this respect •
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as an accidental development of the most external layer, than
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the drum. His fame became noised abroad, as a result of these cases, and
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from the neck, concealing the chest, the chest and abdomen, or even
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surgical cases, in which no antiseptic precautions were employed,
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was attended with considerable difficulty. The uterus
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in the treatment of all acute inflammations. The classical lectures of
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the exposure, which have a deleterious effect upon the micro-
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Dr. B. Sachs instanced two cases in which epilepsy had re-
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1 886, the earth-closet system was in vogue for the dis-
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tion, as practised at present by Mr. Earle, surgeon
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ration, although the diaphragm occupied a very low position.
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has included in his table. Of the nine, only one died, six recovered, and two
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is one fundamental quality which is common to them all, and which
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