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has brought home to the people of Continental Europe
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predominance of polynuclear leukocytes. Six followed pneumonia, 1 infection of
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If he does nothing for his cold for forty-eight hours after the cough com-
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verse striation; (4). starch grains; and (5), mucous corpuscles and
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symptoms. In the case of a man seventy-nine years of age, fifty-five years
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1. Diagnosis and treatment of mentally ill patients
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wifery forceps. The handles, as far as the lock inclusive, are
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only one out of 128 mothers died. The mortality increased in November,
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social, political, and commercial importance. With us in Canada,
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words we used in January last, when referring to the
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ances shown have to a great extent lost their point now
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asepsis than it is to enter the abdomen under similar conditions.
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tions employed (0.05 to 200) are in its favor ; its disadvantages are the diffi-
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trustees and stewards of the Ohio State Hospitals will he held at
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phthisis, but not unfrequently with tubercular affection of the bowels and
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Moorefield, L. J., Mt. Airy, N. C. Med. Coll., 1918
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headed, ignorant or misguided parents are responsible for most of
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large number of leucocytes, so as to give rise to a purulent exudation.
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the heart, liver or kidneys, producing what is called fatty degeneration."
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the alveolar epithelium, in which the nutritional disturbance results in a
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false teachers and inhuman parents who claimed to see
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ing out the stomach with Thiersch's solution. Chloroform
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disorders attended with the growth of micro-organisms,
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advanced stage of cachexia, one tuberculous and the other
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and agree upon the course they will pursue with re-
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aid ; and, more than the forceps can do, will secure thorough uterine