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lotion (5 minims to the ounce), the lotio hamamelidis, or an evaporating

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error of supposing that the two kinds of eruption are frequently found in com-

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A condition of membership is that the members must ship only

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that in doing a willed act, as walking, or putting the index finger

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reflection ; the lung is compressed and invaded ; the pleural cavity is kept open

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medicated injections. There is considerable difficulty in making ap-

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for this under our present plan, as it would involve

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fresh linen was supplied damp and imperfectly washed ; that

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understand that medicated soaps as ordinarily applied cannot have

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very profuse at the time ; not more than usual. When she left my office

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lished bi-monthly by W. B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia

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1886, 118-120.— Jacob ( H. W. ) Notes on some of the

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fectly with the direction of the axis of the pelvis.

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probably has very little effect on the human body. Its

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had a pile of wet shucks by his plate six inches high. I think he ate

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in selected cases, to use to such degree as seems safe and

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The liver surface was seen to be studded with cysts. The

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lactic acid). The quantity of sulphur excreted in this third manner is

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does not diminish, all the functions are performed regularly, and it is only

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useful, especially to those predisposed to consumption. Still,

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1850. For the lust scvcnty-two days prior to his death he had no fecal eva-

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County Medical Society says in his invitation to non-members to join

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was largely instrumental in providing hospital accommodation

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of the most agreeable kind. I can recall only one incident

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from this nerve. A lesion of the ventricular septum is capable

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for. In the left eye, with candle-light fixation, light perception ob-

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some of my readers that the mercurial was the potent agent,