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After the June epidemic of the same year, were the figures added to those previously

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Injection of tuberculin causes the formation in the serum of anti-

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constituents, though frequently urea and urobilin are increased

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the cold bath, the employment of which in fevers has produced

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this may include even pies, and the most indigestible

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Diagnosis. — Direct. — The anamnesis is most important. The exist-

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der may cause obstruction, partial or complete. However,

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touch upon the inferior surface. The cuneiform articular

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self-violence of the patient and the difficulty of keeping

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that they are often found in the fibrinous clots of veins; — with

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comes comatose or convulsed, and the sensorial func-

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for all this. I have no profound piece of Pathology that will

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a man whom I used often to see in Bath, who walked by

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sufficient in patients imder 50, and four or five over this age.

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ment, ceases to grow, while the foetus not only continues to grow, but seems

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sometimes, however, darkened by the slow return from

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^n of the worms in the intestinal canal. After the trichinae have

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Lobr, Germany, recommended it several years ago. It is good, very

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his armpits or his hands indefinitely, without the cord being

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thirty -six hours subsiding to normal. The hematuria, however, continued

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peritoneum by the blind application of these forceps.

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Died— At New York, David Hosack, M.D. P.R.S. aged 66— whose nameii

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skimmed milk, chicken-water have been replaced by stronger diet of

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them and not in the lungs. Glandular enlargements in