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more for pleasure than for nourishment, of which I must say a
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Medical or Surgical examinations. No teacher is allowed to be an
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that the child had been dead some little time. The pains soon came on,
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in the eight principal towns during the month of May, of
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Prior to the late rebellion there were but seven recorded cases of
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C. P., Aberdeen, Scotland, Professor of Practice of Medicine in the University of Aberdeen.
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foration of the pleura and pneumothorax; they Inn e
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tion made by a very shrewd critic in a paper read not very long ago
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lying in the articular capsule as a large sequestrum.
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sis. There is, however, nothing specific in climate any
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again injecting 40 mg. per kilo of the salt. In this tracing
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edge and tip ; conjunctivas congested, becoming yel-
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times to be seen not so much in the relation they themselves
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ing of the face with a volatile spray may be tried, but neither
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those of pulmonary diseases and rheumatism, with which it is
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The gullet above this point was also further examined but
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before you is a similar preparation spontaneously expelled from
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certain the seat of the injury to the nerve is more difficult. Whether
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can readily see that only the physically and mentally fit can hope to
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by mental excitement, fatigue, or prolonged conversa-
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In order, therefore, to conduct researcli in a logical and
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Our attention has been called to a syringe wherein the
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and in consequence a low form of caseous inflammation is set up,
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should be restricted to those substances convertible into peptones in
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influence be exerted on the nerve after its emergence from the pons ; but
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iliac fossa, the direction of the intestine was reversed. In the left iliac
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338 Dr. Lynch oji a peculiar Affection of the Knee-Joint.
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that coherency and continuity of object which so distinguished
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The opinions are lucid, the statements concise, and the lan-