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of a grain of sulphate of morphine in solution, which was followed
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and course of epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis may be fiilly explained
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bert suture the free walls of the stomach are drawn to-
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suggest the diagnosis. As to treatment, if lumbar puncture
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strated by Dr. Henry B. Baker, the efficient secre- \
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verj' annoying, very tedious, but does not usually re-
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reduction in the rate of the pulse and of temperature, and, with the
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milk fat. Morgen, Beger, and Fingerling (55) have investigated the
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accumulates, it may be hoped that his guesses and deductions will
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taken place in the middle ear, it was decided to do an
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Occasionally, however, strains or races of streptococci are met with
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in the morning before food has been taken. In healthy persons the stomach
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f. Gehurtsh. u. Gyndk., 1922, 59, 136) described the case of a woman,
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compressed air became emaciated. Many labourers lost their appetite, and
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and posterior nerve roots and in the spinal ganglia. De Villa found
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cian can conscientiously recommend to his patient who is to
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an abattoir shall have been established in a municipality all the
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tian, type. In an aggregate of cases occurring in a series of years, the quo-
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subinvolution and its inevitable and persistent sequelae. When
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abundant evidence, both from clinical observation and
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James A., 21 years old, single, and a laborer by occupation,
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of treatment for the month as above described, I feel confident that his
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Street rent for 25 cents per room per month. For the remaining
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Pain in the nerves and muscles of the afTected limbs is rare, and, of
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'"In the form simulatiiuj mucous membrane the loose horny layer
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tion of the size of the liver in cases in which this affection was 9«ppo«»iJ
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incubator at 30° C. (86° F.). On January 5th new punctures were
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journ in an infected district to escape to a healthy
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Gaz.," Feb. 15, 1897 ; 3" New York Med. Journ.," Dec. 5, 1896.
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slowly concentrated after decolorization with animal charcoal. A small quan-
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toxic proteose from intestinal obstruction material.
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themselves may, according to Ricketts,^ be classed asspecies of thegenus
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evidence of chemical pollution, 6 showed no evidence of chemicf!
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