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Under "infections" an extensive history is given of a newly-discovered

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consulted him for incontinence of urine, from which he had been suffering for

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Glanders or farcy is a widespread communicable disease of horses,

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'* 5. You may be aware that Dr. Milroy was a member of the com-

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not have brought about the same successful result. For gastro-

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the wide distribution of mental inefficiency in clerical

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The breathing is shallow; the ancillary muscles are brought into play;

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February 19th. It produced a burning sensation in the mouth and throat,

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That form which persists in the utterly debilitated system, where

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in the lymphatic gland into which the vessel first empties its

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a somewhat tawny appearance. The face is red with papules

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origin (see " Deciduonia Malignum," voL x. p. 178).

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ing, or by any stretch of statistical ingenuity, be made to agree

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physician should reque^ that the family physician be called, and should

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in the animal ligatures, and especially in well-prepared

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function of selection in the gland cells, which inhibits the

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skin by way of the peripheral nerves, posterior columns, and direct cerebellir

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The swelling is painless, increases in the standing posture, and naturally

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called, is very liable to undergo purulent change, and if free evacuation

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with comfort to a dancing-school soirée^ she used a cold foot-bath and checked

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brain ; or whether, according to the doctrine which has been supported by Qall, the brain

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that fix the eye, and give it steadiness in the attention of ab-

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The word stationary is used only in a relative sense. Personally,

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patches like a split pea on the peritoneum. Microscopic examination

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ual practice are undoubtedly due to antiseptic precautions taken.

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ticular course of treatment for either wanling ofl" the disease or check-

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Hypertrophy of the mucous memhrane of the oesophagus. (Specimen No. 551

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intermediate grades are seen. The spasm is never so severe in the con-

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the city, rising as it were from the ground, and attack-

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crystalline lenses of the ox and of the sheep have each, only three

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Pregnancy, as we all know, leaves many of our women

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silver, dissolved with the aid of a little nitric acid, as