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nience employed to include those conditions having special surgi-
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diet, extending over six weeks. She recuperated very
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by the female when there is absolutely no evidence what-
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The coma which sometimes follows an ei)ileptic paroxysm bears a resemblance
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ical Association, at its Tenth Annual Meeting, held in Brooklyn, May
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the double curette of Heryng, and an opening was made
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The Russell D. Carman Memorial Lecture presented at the an-
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negative ; and the report, as amended, was adopted.
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muscular tremors (worse in the morning), vomiting, mental restlessness,
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tions, which have a tendency to bleed easily. The secre-
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noted in 32, the values ranging between 9800 and 98,000. The
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around a central substance called ' neureline ' — a gran-
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ference is necessary. But a surprisingly large class of cases
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These objections at first seemed conclusive, and to
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factor in preventing the more general entrance into the Asso-
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seemed to offer an opinion at once before allowing sufficient time to
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The following statistics upon this point seem to me of
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glass tube was used, bearing two glass tubes blown in
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make inquiries as to possible errors in its prejaaration.
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ration he felt considerable pain and great restlessness. At 5 p.m. to have Tr. Opii
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The patient presents very much the appearance of a person made
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from the hypogastric plexus. It might be added here
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that injury or disease be left to itself, or only so managed as the patient's com-
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ceptible except on the closest examination, and even the heart's pulsations
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Experiment 216: Effects of Carbonic Oxide Gas on Corn-Snake, (Coluber Guttatus.) Mar-
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