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of yellow fever, and accompanied Dr. Parker because of their
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many cases the cerebral ventricles are shut off from the spinal subarachnoid
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Intertrigo is very common in the tropics, especially in corpulent
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called by the Auxiliary Medical Committee for Medi-
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of it is impaired; there is complete paralysis of both sensation, and
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preferred sclerotomy to iridectomy. Dr. Tiffany stated
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to his strumous constitution. The third case was that of an
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It should be taken slowly through a drinking tube and warm. When
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if it should touch human eyes the sight would be destroyed. But in
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made, with the assistance of charitable societies, for this
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known as Scotch bun, it is crammed too full of plums to suit
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" to record their abhorhence and detestation of the crime of
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'ere coated with yellow lymph. The right cavities were
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William George Hibbs, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine.
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subphrenic abscesses are in the great majority of cases on the left side.
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of reaction in which the development of the intoxication is relatively
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has furnished them. In some instances the itinerant
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the legs occurred often ; eventually a fit resembling epilepsy
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the quinine per se is capable of exciting an attack of hsemoglobinuria.
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Emetics cause vomiting. Ipecac and apomorphine are emetics.
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* £tude sur le tabes dorsal spasmodique. Quoted by Erb.
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higher vertebrata. The heart is lodged within a pericardium, to the inner
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orrhage, however, the writer feared that he had perforated the uter-
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inches of iutestiue existed in the sac. With the guarded
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dr., muriatic acid 3 dr., tobacco water 1 quart, oil of turpentine
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evening; it then begins to fall until the first minimum is reached. The
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too short to afford sufficient range of amplification with a given
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of gutta-percha, so that the parts should bo held to-
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