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After apeakiiig of Sir Astley Cooper, Chelina and Lawrence,

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that the proportion of the inhabitants of each rock, who are affected

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of the board, and is granted but once to the same applicant.

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In addition to the glanders tubercle the blood sinuses contain large numbers

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casionally vomits and purges, the former greenish, the latter more yellow.

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consist of mercury. At the same time that they are em-

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Cold and heat, on the local application of. By F. B. Nunneley, M.D 13

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or accidental, and individual predisposition varies. A neurotic diathesis

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1. The character of the abscess. — (a) Whether it is acute or chronic;

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5.— A Needle in the Prostatic Urethra.— B. B. Foster

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Wliile there are some little corrections or notes fn Ix?

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not only the best but the only possible operation (Garrigues),

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happened to be in Highlands and saw the case with me. He did

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Dr and Mrs Clapsadel, of Akron, have gone to Oden, Michigan,

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observed by some observers — the frequency with which epileptics

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treatment fluctuated between 31 and 49 per cent., averaging 39 per cent. The same average

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■ ■ni|'iHUul li.i. lur,- ..I ilu- mii'Xiiin.ili' l'.,iic. ihrti l,-ii nr^-uinil >..!..,

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of sore throat." (43.) (Compare Miss Martineau's "eight

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deeply situated. The first or common kind will be seen to be composed

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removal of these parts, I may just state, the incrustating carti-

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symptoms were noted. The temperature curve was unchanged and the blood

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this theory is the fact that most cases of ozeena date from early youth,

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Let us practitioners of Wisconsin profit by the larger experience of

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debility, and for its curative treatment requires the exhibition of ferrugi-

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the Session of 1851, as to exactly meet our wants. The literary

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On January 18, 1917, the patient had a reoccurrence of the angio-

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the oat, the ash of that grain yielding twenty-two per

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does not occur, but immediately after the administration of the

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just what was going to happen. At the end of the tenth day there