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the level of the shoulders, when the stem' may become dislodged,
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Case VIII (patient of Dr. S. Ringolsky). — M., female, aged
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lowed by Dr. Wells, and other practitioners, both foreign and
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— a very great contrast to her restless condition pre-
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May 11-13: Scientific program of Annual Meeting, State
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thought to have malignant disease, by others chronic
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The poison by chewing a small piece shows how little may
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demands it is evident that even its ordinary work requires the best
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to decrease in amount as lactation proceeds, and that the milk
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pentine. When already present, turpentine stupes or dry cups
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made whether to discontinue nursing or to discontinue the drug, taking into account the importance of the drug to
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Larval Graves' disease is often an alternative which we may find it hard
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ing, we may be rewarded with success. They will tend to ba-
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ttze^ both during pregnancy and in involution after pregnancy, that
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In the early stages the rule is more simple. Prognosis as to
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Woman's Hospital to use hot douches after curettage