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collected during a long-continued sleep, is not afterwards

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A Clinical Study on Alopecia Areata and its Treatment. By L.

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only to be discarded in the near future when a more fatal type

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ample powers to investigate the laws wliich governed

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are used principally upon fresh meats, where they act as a preservative

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The laborers who work "on ice," as it is termed, scrape considerable

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tion of the present site and buildings at Fifth Avenue

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In order to show that the decrease in activity was not due to

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tracted with hot water, the liquid strained, evaporated

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the presence of an apparently recent extravasation of blood in-

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in oily solution give rise in some lepers to inflam-

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died with typhoid symptoms after amputation. He found that phlebitis

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posterior cerebellar, and extending downwards into the vertebral artery,

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Stricture. — A contracted state of some one of the tubes or ducts

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shaped instruments, with oval blades and sharp edges, varying

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does not remain a single one of the fibres which composed this organ before

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8 in a state of indifference to all around him, but returns ao answer

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in the city, suddenly taken ill, sent for the physician whose fame had

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to present more similarity to the plasma cell than to the myelocyte.

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upon the central nervous system, falls short of the thera-

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left side of the skull. Through this it was impossible to feel

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from the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1896.

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or cyst that opened into the peritoneum. I have not yet had a report,

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and equally significant fact was also apparent — that the injec-

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de-\*iated outwards in a case reported by M'Biu-ney and Starr. Both

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infection to the cord. He would account for the hitherto unexplained pain

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present time is in regard to the diagnosis and treatment of simple ulcer