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Vamell, whose observations on diseases of the teeth and cranial
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ter. Contact: Loretta Giacoletto, Washington University
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resume of cases, which is of great value, especially to those not having
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Broad and Wolf Streets, and to the Covenant Methodist
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ulated with lemon-juice. Salophen, w^hich contains over 50 per cent,
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lying down, and does not begin again until several hours after breakfast.
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beyond four hours, and tinting of the urine for as long as five or six days
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both as to the individual and as to the public. Everybody
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Since then she has suffered, more or less, from constipation. The present trouble
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direct consultation between dentist and internist and their con-
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Since the report of Jan. 1848, the patient, Mrs. K., has constantly worn
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