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He must be taught the havoc that dissipation plays with
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of the gland remains healthy— a fact proved by a microscopical examination.
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the body of the cell, but with greater rapidity in the central projection
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to a portion of the nose and of the cheek in the suborbital region, to the
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recover so completely that we are still in doubt as to
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The association is very solicitous in providing not only for its physi-
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with —preferably the yellow sulphate of mercury —
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triangular portion of skin (base upwards) is removed, and the
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tion of the arm and forearm disappeared under the physiological changes of colour,
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rived from connective tissue cells, others consider they are
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two doctors — almost the only medical men in Buchan — kept several
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1)0 used for this purpose. Common molasses candy answers equally well,
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is commenced, the less the danger of the | conical pouch, the top of which corresponds
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years, has traditionally been placed by surgical cutdown.
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dicine. A lady, subject during many years to neuralgic pain
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Osteo-mvelitis of thirty-five years* duration from gunshot wound at
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It is then introduced into the pharynx distended with water,
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titis Monograph. North Chicago. 111. Hepatitis Information Center, Abbott Diagnos-
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Now, perhaps, we had better take up another part of
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different subjects as being between 8 cm. to 30 cm. In other words,
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in a good ambulance, it is rarely of great importance
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he left New York to continue his work in Long Island
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multii)Iy the disease. It would be better, in such cases, to keep up fires sufficient for the necessities
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vision is fairly good, and that in many instances, when the
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glycoprotein, nothing definite is known of its nature. The potassium
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