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For obvious reasons, I do not include the medical colle-
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that might actually benefit them. Examples are: “Exercise
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He had no more haemorrhages, but died of exhaustion
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outrage a la pudeur. J. de m6d. de Par., 1885, viii, 35-41. —
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are Lancereaux, Tillant, Verneuil, Panas, Proust, Cornil,
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syphilitic infection after the disease-germ has passed
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septicaemia supervene, or the patient sinks into a typhoidal state, with low
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being necessary to release numerous adhesions on a^ sides.
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Dr. James Tyson: As to operating upon the two kidneys at one
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of drug-laboratory test interactions. In Morselli, 0. L., Garattini, S.
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cause of low-grade fever for 8 days after operation.
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only one muscle, which is almost invariably the sterno-mastoid on one, or,
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fracture of the spine. He could not move or turn his head in any
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istence of old-standing sinuses, ImU nolliinf^' could have
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I)erio(l, becomes very much thickened and looks like a mass of builed sago with
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Good nourishment is necessary, using cereals, prepared foods,
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