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professional roles. Eight were in the Nursing Department — four nursing
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altogether from the district in which they are situated, this
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St. Bartholomew's and the Evelina Hospitals, two of which only had died from any
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Researches on the Alterations in Arteries after lAgiUure. By
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only one muscle, which is almost invariably the sterno-mastoid on one, or,
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conditions were absent and no symptoms of paranoia,
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Why? Because nowhere else in the state do practicing
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tea-spoonful of lemon juice and water into his mouth. She must
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soufHet, or rather bruit de rape, at a point between the tenth and
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toid, and the triceps. The muscles which are most commonly atrophied
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the guinea-pig. In regard to the second series of ex-
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weeks after completion of treatment. The groups were
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or mountains of the great West, any practitioner, who'
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which was not far off. Dr. Fairbank was able to find that
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There can be no system of living which everyone can adopt to
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The first sign of the disease. — We have careful notes of this in
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it serves in the zone of the advance. They will be numbered and
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advisable: but they request to be discharged from the consideration of this
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The average medical man goes into practice with the
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the other periodicals, or just that part of them you need.
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The fourth, by Dr. Homans. Case not published. Mrs.
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of several years grounded upon facts. Added to this, the homoeopathic me-
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russk. chir. Obsh. Piroiiova 1896-7, St. Peteisb., 1898, xv,
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-both of his urine and his faeces. Priapism is likely to occur,
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Albert Mathers, aged nine, was brought to me August 6,
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ciation. — The second annual meeting of this associa-
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external manipulation alone, inside of ten minutes. Be-
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transl. : Arch. tal. de biol., Turin, 1886, vii, 142.— Puscli