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connection with it He reports two cases thus treated.
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since, a report of which we had hopes of receiving before this time.
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Symptomatic treatment for this fever is rarely necessary, but the
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I address you, therefore, in the hope that I may be
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the cortical structure, fully one-fifth of an inch in
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If this enormous vein should be opened accidentally, it
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-fate." We are no ignorant worshij>pers of nature, and whether
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been once inoculated with cow-pock matter, and having had this dil-
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These few general remarks upon so large a subject as the
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of convergence. The evidence is in favor of a centre in the brain cortex for
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From such a history it is no wonder so many conflicting theories have
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Such is a brief account of the symptoms associated with syphilitic
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To close the rectal tear I use a short curved needle armed with catgut,
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that a case that appears to be a light one for a longer or a shorter time
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is situated in the groin, the patient flexes the thigh upon the abdomen, in
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assisted with hot diluted alcohol, essential oils, capsicum, aromatics, and
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her forehead, high and intellectual. Her countenance impressed
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capillary embolism, have we not rather the symptoms, and also the
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A sensitiveness to cold (cryaesthesia) is regarded by some as unusually
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of the principles upon which the physical exploration of the
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mal value in a healthy man to be 90 instead of 80, he determines the
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agreed with Dr. Gairdner's present opinion, who had sent
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agar. He, however, obtained no reaction in the urethra
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subside, and before long the impaired state of her sight seemed to be the
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House, further discussion of the question of a dues in-