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this not merely in his animal life. He lives spiritu-

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mental cause of rhachitis is faulty cellular metabolism, which may

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ulum consisting mostly of nucleated cells of different shapes. There

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(1) "Whether, when she took the article, she did not know that she

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arrangement is observed, the organism usually lying singly, occasionally in

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We have investigated the action of sera and blood u[)on ame-

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all the pauper fever cases that have required admission ;

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States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service and in

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difiFerence marked, and lastly, from the lower end of the third rib

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four weeks it extended over nine, ten. fifteen, sixteen

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there is a peculiar advanced growth of some cartilages in the head; in No.

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upon the following in the departments specified : Mental Diseases —

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In some instances the reverse is the case, perhaps in

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were unmistakable evidences of previous ulcerations. A good deal

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nurse, the whole ward, and at length to the whole hos-

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cious and certain in its effects, requiring larger doses than either of the others ;

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study all the congestive or inflammatory processes which are capable of

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carried in my reflections to the circumstance related of the king of the

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the smell returned, and I took the opportunity of investigating its cause more

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may do, we must not forget the other and greater question of

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led to the house action, agreed that a three-working-day

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determining the true indications for their ameliora-

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in a state of such intimate combination, that its presence can be

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Advice to Physicians.— The following advice, under the head of " How

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promulgate the message that the provision of medical

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sometimes possible to bring out a latent tendency to fall not demon-

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Biology. — The Loffler bacillus is non-motile and non-liquefying.

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razor that is so constructed that, no matter how awkwardly it is

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noid to the thyroid (Gunther) ; — the excision of the left vocal

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lignity of the mercury, or at least to its intermixture wi(h some

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The urine for twenty-four hours measured 400, was dark-coloured, muddy

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