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sents the dorsal retinal quadrant, and the lower lip the ventral quadrant.
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Lond., 1896-7, viii, 225-229. — Hale ( A. B. ) A case of
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part of a cigar has a much stronger taste than the first part. Those
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aged thirty-two years, native of Ireland, who was adniitted to
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on neoplasms is very full, and the author reports excellent re-
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relationship of psychologic state [CWF-2 J and reported
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engaged; I noted particularly, that the pain spread very gradually
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sensory disturbances of heat and cold, while the pains in
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important in the diagnosis of left-sided pleuritic exudations (Figs. 125,
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about it. Patients from 40 to 55 years of age are re-
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The Commission had surveyed county medical societies as
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he had been aphasic for two years. It was not until the last three
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January, 1977, p. 48; "Have The Ideals Of Service Been Lost?”
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dry and painful, it generally ulcerates; and sometimes it may happen from this
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M.D. (,Jeff. Med. Coll.), L.R C.P. (Edin.), M.R.C.S.
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under the joint instruction of St. John's and Harvard, none in the
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sigh. This is the cause of my sorrow : — Whilst in attendance on His
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feet of small intestine prolapsed, he cut the latter off
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ently improving Ochsner's plan of making a leukocyte count
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In-Vitro Methods of Detecting Drug Hypersensitivity
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of breathing while in the horizontal posture ; tongue covcrr^d with
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mediately notified to discontinue leaving milk bottles at the infected
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peatedly (6) ; and each of its sub-divisions becomes the nucleus of amerozoite (c). These enter