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or by intractibility of the patient, the fluid is given by a
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tapers somewhat abruptly. Some of these large cells are multinuclear.
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secretions in some other inflammatory diseases besides puerperal fever, when
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*Zeit. /. Hygiene, xiii, 1893. t Johns Hopkins Med. Bull, 1892, p. 22.
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fish the poison arrives at the periphery of the nerves more slowly
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inability of the cancriamcebae to develop in any other
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Perinauim, and for Lesions of the Recto-Vaginal Septum. By Dr. W. Goodell.
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recourse to a transverse one, with complete success. The first case occurred in
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Between the 8th and 10th the temperature rose to 1.3° from
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Definition. — Cow-pox is the product of a specific and palpable
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eliminates Pinworms and Roundworms with a single dose
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great pain ; and after the fourth week, were changed for the Italian tourniquet.
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b}' profession he is a furniture dealer, and with the above
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In the new tissue small abscesses were found, which did not, however, open
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Braemar. The value of these lands increased so much that a
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the effect of united medical action. It is one reason
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and to settle it once for all. In the meantime the circular
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at -15 mm. below the bregma (scalpV indicates the upper limit of the
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The sedative and curative effects of injections into the rectum of carbonic acid
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inches in diameter more or less, covered with a yellow,
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ill, '. iimm. .iliMu wiii^li it run< to the hei)atic flatness; the other to the li-n.
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likely that frequently HCl and pepsin may be absent and destruc-
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of two semi-cylindrical pieces of steel, about one-sixteenth
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The third method has given the author very good re-
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such as poverty, anxiety, the disgrace of illegitimate pregnancy, digestive
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again followed by a relapse, and I was then requested to see him. I
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the left. Their usual direction is from before backwards, with a slight
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not the case. A man has a choice of jobs, and he may
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it passes in varying degree through the Berkefeld bougie, in one
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difference between hypostatic consolidation of the lung and hepati-
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