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the laryngoscope, found the cords to be closely approximated at their posterior
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preliminary changes to provide for the required develop-
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possible; but if any special case or cases were going wrong the less
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that it was due partly to the earlier advent than usual
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ing in the tempero-maxillary articulation can be repeated
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inhaling the vapor as it arises. Next to lime-water is lactic acid, as a
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Marshfield, held a symposium, "Peer Review by Physicians — Now or Never?”, at the
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had fled thither from the adjacent country of Attica
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tions of that meeting. We are, however, very much indebted
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period of acidity (except in the case of the Bacillus proteus
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patient. The mental didness may vary from sleepiness to coma
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6. Meconium. — This name is applied to the excrementitious matter produced
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If recovery be possible under adverse conditions such as
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lesion of the temporal lobe alone. In seven of these the first temporal
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skin, when taken in large quantities, under normal or abnormal circum-
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or chewing. 3. It has been found in all countries that there
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control experiments. This slow, almost reluctant, increase is a feature
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M. Gendrin at page 143 of his work on ' Inflammations/ where
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to 53 ounces, which is much above the average, is fairly common. As
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Wassermann reaction, was negative. Mental symptoms were absent.
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truth. The best physicians must be the best observers, but the man
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Einrequez, Ambard and Binet a. o) the quantity of fecal diastase
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An able exposition of the fallacies of an absurd system, and universally commended by the medical
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lar'>-e cyst was emptied, and about three gallons were
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Howard (1901) Carriage of Disease by Flies. P. 39, Bulletin No. ?o of
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good fortune to discover the glands from which this mucus
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some the attack of hemiplegia comes on suddenly in the oonxse of other
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gress, slowly but surely sapping the patient's strength,
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oedema of the part, as if the infiltration was extensive, and had resulted
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Theories of Origin. — 1. Transformation of effused blood
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2. Foot Evil. — A sure cure for the disease. Thoroughly
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of the thigh; it was opened and left a fistula. In January, 1879, he entered the Cook
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