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air may readily become diphtheritic. There is no necessity, however,

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conditions, while for the disinfectant the conditions

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arms and legs and diaphragm were completely paralyzed from

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feeblenessof the soundsof the heart; easily compressible, soft, unresisting

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Objective examination includes a number of different methods, some

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and with eight or ten hours' rest at night with the bed

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horse, whilst liable to glanders, resists diseases to which cattle

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bismuth and rhubarb. Bismuth is believed to restrain undue se-

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religious excitement, reverse of fortune, and disappointed

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text-book. It is well illustrated, and is more complete

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our microscopic studies show that hemophilic platelets under favorable

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Transactions of the Clinical Society Mr. Brudenell Carter has recorded the

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search after and removal of foreign bodies impacted

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route to be more favorable than by the vaginal method.

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drops, according to tlie Pg-e of the child, to be taken three times a day in

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Late infection, which supervenes in the tertiary stage, does not reveal

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the "Lancet" and discussed at the Harveian Societv.

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The ultra violet rays have a powerful burning eflPect on the skin

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alarming; if much beyond that rate the case is desperate. A pulse

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sions or mental unsoundness in his conversation or conduct, and the findings

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tained, he argues that there must have been an attendant vaso-

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The third case of vascular disease included in this collection of papers

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body. That thefe inquiries are important and highly creditable