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Chronic diffuse nephritis; fatal; phenolsulphonephthalein trace
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It has been necessary to devise a method sufficiently accurate and
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force upon its diminished contents, and all the more from the fact that
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of some of the iron preparations. The result is frequently disastrous.
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much less high, and the ascent and descent, especially in the first lead, being
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Mononuclear Cells in Reaction to Localised Bacterial Invasion;
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cretins are to be found in the north of England in the upper valleys
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the infant, for Chiari (Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift, 1881) has
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centration of the suspension and k is a constant depending on the particular
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Pepsin, further studies in the inactivation of. The effect of various salts
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open privies are used, and as the children are not very closely super-
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embracing cylinder. The cellular elements become enlarged and
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In this case, following the injection of the calcium solution, the urine sugar
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believes that castration interferes with the normal involution of the
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as to liken the condition to the muscular spasm of a distended stomach
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than of pain and anxiety. It is not so much the pain which predom-
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is well known. The very large variations in the case of Mc. can hardly
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in our southern states have to be interpreted liberally. However, even
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pellagrins; while of those using these foods habitually, 3.25 per cent,
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and three hundred ohms respectively. This symptom has also been
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but corresponds to the end of the period of dilatation which immedi-
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of treating myxoedema. As yet the grafted gland has so often failed
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the end is not far off. In a general way it may be said that tricus-
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valerian, etc. Anaemia is best combated by the administration of
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by the investigations of Topinard into the distribution of complexions,
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ably results in the production of the signs and symptoms of bronchial
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as the Corrigan pulse ; " cannon-ball" pulse and " pistol-shot" pulse
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would make it appear doubtful whether constantly good results can
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tion. It is rarely unilateral. Retraction of the lower eyelid has sel-
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Case 14.- — A man, aged 45, entered the hospital Aug. 5, 1914. A diagnosis
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many of the cases (which are nevertheless infrequently met with) of
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8. Meek and Eyster : Am. Jour. Physiol., 1914, xxxiv, 368.
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or upon tlio heart muscle itself. This view is confirmed by the facl
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(4 per day) to escape military service, it was calculated that the
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Haller and Vicq d'Azyr in the muscles. When muscular tissue so
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