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and more general disorders. The systems have, however, been

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Roentgen laboratory. In other walks of life positions of

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the head, and jerking of the arms in the direction of the unilateral

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during the passage of the head and body through the

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lines. These longitudinal lines are sometimes also to be seen in the

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the disorder from other types, is to administer 1/50 or 1/25 of

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the lower part of the chest was practised; 3 mgs. (^ grain) of

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Drs. Brunton and Power (Centralblaft, July 4, 1874, p. 497), how-

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patients attacked with acute gout shortly after capital

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to produce miliary tubercles and a great outpouring of fluid, the more

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that out of 740 cases of appendicitis, 28 had some lung complication, and of

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Antitoxin is considered by many a specific for diphtheria,

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garet-street, Cavendish-square.- Visiting Physician. Candidates

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VAPORIZES balsams, oils, alcoholic and aquaeous solutions

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Schittenhelm 5 and Almagia 6 have recently studied the question in

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development of any disease. With respect to the source of the special cause

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its ears. I had no opportunity of examining the state of the part

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plain speaker, leaving out the extravagances of theories of med-

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believing they may follow influenza and possibly even simple catarrhal

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by catarrh of the bladder, contracted or irritable urethra,

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trachea. These angles may vary in different subjects. A repe-