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with a troublesome cough, which threw great strain on the

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morbid states is usually present, either the patient is suffer-

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use in due seasons. On the contrary sleep breeds sleep, and

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the floor close by, wrapped in brown paper. From a comparison of

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in closed pupil, much less a case of sympathetic ophthalmia

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The same is true of purely dietetic treatment, either

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the lowest death rates were 16.8 in Leith and 17.2 in Perth, and the

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orifice at the lower part of the hernia ; this aperture was

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pendently, to be c hlorosis ' A'lgyptiaca, due to the Ankylostoma

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tubercle bacilli to become surrounded with a thick capsule

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mortality from " fever " showed no marked excess last quarter in any ol

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rule, it is possible to obtain by less heroic means, and with

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I have hitherto got the most satisfactory results by staining

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must look for a diminution in the mortality of many dust

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the author in a sarcoma of the femur we regard as giant-cells,

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couple of weeks there have been about 2(io cases in the town. Uu-

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ration, and loss during micturitiou and defecation) of error

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Surgeon Major J. S. Wilkins. D.S.C., Bombay Establishment, received

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fleld ; Dr. G. H. Kenyon, Doncaster ; K. (!•) Mr. J. N. Langley, Cam-

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must look for a diminution in the mortality of many dust

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as it were, instinctively aware, even while he was speaking,

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the licence of the College applied for registration, and, after

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In this paper I wish to confine myself to questions bearing

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Sir, — Owing to the prevalence of small-pox in various

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absence of pain, rigors, or sweating at any period of the

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■deaths from chloroform the appearances are those of death

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quantity increases with the amount of hsemorrhage at the

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of the ovary. The tumour was the size of a mandarin orange,

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menstrual period is accompanied with less constitutional dis-

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B. Shoolbread, C. M. Simmouds, J. D. Slight, M.A., A. L. P. Smith,

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Gu\'s Hospital : W. G. Wescott. St. Mary's Hospital; M. T. Wtme-

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