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paralytic if a thorough system of treatment be not adopted. The
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Journal Subcommutec ; and that those who consider they have cause
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Dr. Graily Hewitt, London; Mr. Hulke, London; Dr. J. H. Bennet, London;
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while the examination is being made, they must continue to breathe
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conceded, I am afraid your medical officers will hardly consider them-
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repay for the inconvenience of travelling. The new Guy's man should
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adopted, were we to call them "plastides". This word is already in
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The temperature, which on the first day was 100 deg. Fahr., by the
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lectively is to test the knowledge of students in certain subjects, but to
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Our Association is a general council framed with a broadly democratic constitu-
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this, she had felt her legs ache much after any exertion, such as walk-
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appliance combining the brush and wiper ; the Parisian gai-i^on waxes
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tions. In acknowledgment of his scientific labours, he twice received
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3. No IMetropolitan Hospital will be recognised by this College
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when coma disappeared, and he recovered. But he would not put that
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Baby-Farming. — At a preliminary meeting held October 14th at
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in one instance in 1S59. The predominant disorders were gastro-
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overflowing cesspool, which had probably become contaminated by
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July 1863, one of the battles which decided the war, where 20,000
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cessary beef and mutton. Twenty milch cows are also kept. — Number
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made an important argument for preventii'e measures. Thus it has
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blood-poison excites the choleraic discharges from the alimentary canal,
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hypera;sthesia had decreased. There was inflammation of the con-
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an invariable consequence of this centralisation is a general break-down
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views, and that, when printed, they would find it enlarged with addi-
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none of these were intensely marked, as compared with those which
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